Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poetry from my soon to be published books.

She is My Lady in Love
Again and again and again
She tears Internet webs
When cocks crow
Waking her from sleep
She wanders to my window
Beckoning my soul with smiles,

She is the sexiest of souls
I have ever come to know
Scattering smiles indiscriminately on souls
Like sad setting snow
Salvaging starving soils,
She tirelessly spreads to spoil
Us as her sparkling soars
Plants electricity on our souls
Burning bodies, spirits and souls
With her cunning smiles,

Again and again she sprays
Pungent watery rays
To kill us every day
Like sleeping snow’s
Velvety Venus voice
She sends love coals to my soul
As she sings and slides from sky,
To sleep by my side
Spotting a golden smile…
(Published by the defunct The Post Express Newspaper on 11th March 2001)

Raceless love
True colourless love
Irrespective of race
Where ever you face
The four cardinal places
You find the right
Eve you love,
You find the right
Adam you love,
Withhold not but behold love
Any one you love,
For love is a light
Brighter than sun’s light.
(Published by the Punch Newspaper on September 16, 2000)

Valentine blues
(Dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and Venus Williams, of U.S.A)
What could be sweeter and cheesy
Than an Eve with brain and beauty?
Her steps are psychedelic and pretty
Her food is sweeter than honey
Her intellect is full of fun and not phoney
Her words sound sweet and not stormy
Her face is speck-less and shiny
Her oranges are rivers of love honey
Feeding man when libido is angry
Readily baptizing him with juices
In her holiest river of burgundy
When he visits her petroleum valley
To or not to conjure souls from tummy;
Who could be ‘Janes’ or ‘Johnies’
To make a jolly clapping family
And make churches sprouting like lilies
In various creeks and crannies
In this enclave like Galilee.

Every Eve desires an Adam
As vice versa Adam desires Eve
To create a clan.

Without her yearning and yielding to man’s
Planting peas in her hot pot and pan
World would have no churches and clans,
Let’s honestly shower respect on deserving respectable Eves,
They are the engine rooms of world clans.

(Published by the defunct National Concord Newspaper, on 12th February 2001)

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