Monday, December 28, 2009

Flightless Wings

When a leaf falls from a tree
It flies away like wind so free,
Though it stays for centuries on the floor
It has no voice on branches up
Though it cricks like a dangling door
The floor remain its eternal shop
Blood and flesh are just like a leaf
Though some lie and steal world into pocket
And like Methuselah live,
A second comes for us to kick the bucket;
And all the toil are just in vain
So, stop pouring others pain,
Though like saints we sing the saviour's name
Pretentious acts make the soul defame.

Written 16/12/09 by B.M. Adje

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faces at the ANA/Atiku Abubakar Children Literature Workshop which took place at the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State, recently.

Yola Sun

Shining! Shining!! Shining!!! Sun!
High burning in Yola!
Oh ah! Oh ah!
You slap me with your burn.

Shining! Shining!! Shining!!! Sun!
When won’t you be on?
Oh ah! Oh ah!
You slap me in Yola.

Written by: Blessed Mudiaga Adjekpagbon
On 16th October 2009, during the
Association of Nigerian Authors
(ANA) / Atiku Abubakar National Workshop
On Children’s Literature which took place between
16-17 October 2009, at Washington Hall of American
University of Nigeria , Yola, Adamawa State , Nigeria .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the spirit of sharing the same philosophy of kindness to mankind with Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey 1954-, African-American television host, actress, and media magnate, B. Kosciusko, Miss., as Orpah Gail Winfrey, grad. Tennessee State Univ. (1976). She began her career as a Nashville radio reporter at age 17, worked in television news at 19, and moved (1976) to Baltimore to coanchor a news show. In 1977 she became cohost of a Baltimore morning chat show and in 1984 settled in Chicago to host another talk show. Her charm, easy manner, warmth, gift of gab, and unpretentious style earned the program an enthusiastic audience and soaring ratings. Soon the most popular local talk show, it was syndicated nationally in 1986, becoming the highest-rated such program. Also a talented actress, Winfrey made her motion-picture debut Steven Spielberg 's The Color Purple (1985), and a variety of other movie and television roles followed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another poem for late Chief Gani Fawehinmi

Mystical Activism
(Dedicated to late Chief Gani Fawehinmi)
From the womb of blinding-darkness
Sun spring always to smile at dawn
So, wear no garment of hopelessness
For freedom and success may soon be born

Though corruption and nepotism are kings today,
When Nemesis comes with his band to play
Demons die at the altar of truth
Where sycophants can play no flute...

On the Archipelago of heaven's mystical motion
I am gathering etheric arsenals of revolution
To fire and wake you from slumber of cold
That your hearts should be stones of shining gold...

Arise! Arise, all you with spirits low!
I am not dead but active in the flow
Sending inspirations to make you grow,
Oh! Come see how I flow in the glow!

(Poem written September 9, 2009 and published by The Nigerian Compass Newspaper on September 11, 2009)


"Poem on Gani, beautiful."

---Felix Omohasun
The Visitor Magazine
(A culture and tourism publication)
Lagos, Nigeria.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poem for late Chief Gani Fawehinmi


Oh somebody, somebody come rescue me

From these ocean of praises,

For I never knew they will overdose me,

Overdose and overdose me with praises

After my tongue can no longer lick…

Even saints who wanted me dead before now

Are singing eulogies cracking my casket,

Somebody save my ears from these eulogies

Eulogies meant for the marines…

But I am not surprised all this while

As it is the average elitist Nigerian style,

Celebrating their heroes

Only when they are gone

Sycophants gather to shoot honours gun…

Saints are shooting

Evil geniuses are hooting

Even as demons are dancing

Cladded in a cacophony of praises.

Did they and do they really like me?

What a people pouring billions on the dead

Than spend a dime to save a starving head!

I can now capture vividly why Mudiaga chooses

To sing some heroes still walking with shoes

For all their goodness to humanity,

Though I wasn’t a recipient of his eulogies

That had earned him a tag of “praise singer”

From a sycophantic bunch of “dead praisers.”

Better a praise singer of the living good

Than a multitude “praisers” of my speechless wood.

Yet, I know my people and my people know me

For in spirit we shall keep on the struggle

In living pens and voices I will continuously rumble.

I Gani, Senior Advocate of the Masses has spoken

In the voice of this pen, healing hearts broken…

(Written 08/09/09 and published by Nigerian Compass and Independent newspapers September 14, 2009 )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poetry from my soon to be published books.

She is My Lady in Love
Again and again and again
She tears Internet webs
When cocks crow
Waking her from sleep
She wanders to my window
Beckoning my soul with smiles,

She is the sexiest of souls
I have ever come to know
Scattering smiles indiscriminately on souls
Like sad setting snow
Salvaging starving soils,
She tirelessly spreads to spoil
Us as her sparkling soars
Plants electricity on our souls
Burning bodies, spirits and souls
With her cunning smiles,

Again and again she sprays
Pungent watery rays
To kill us every day
Like sleeping snow’s
Velvety Venus voice
She sends love coals to my soul
As she sings and slides from sky,
To sleep by my side
Spotting a golden smile…
(Published by the defunct The Post Express Newspaper on 11th March 2001)

Raceless love
True colourless love
Irrespective of race
Where ever you face
The four cardinal places
You find the right
Eve you love,
You find the right
Adam you love,
Withhold not but behold love
Any one you love,
For love is a light
Brighter than sun’s light.
(Published by the Punch Newspaper on September 16, 2000)

Valentine blues
(Dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and Venus Williams, of U.S.A)
What could be sweeter and cheesy
Than an Eve with brain and beauty?
Her steps are psychedelic and pretty
Her food is sweeter than honey
Her intellect is full of fun and not phoney
Her words sound sweet and not stormy
Her face is speck-less and shiny
Her oranges are rivers of love honey
Feeding man when libido is angry
Readily baptizing him with juices
In her holiest river of burgundy
When he visits her petroleum valley
To or not to conjure souls from tummy;
Who could be ‘Janes’ or ‘Johnies’
To make a jolly clapping family
And make churches sprouting like lilies
In various creeks and crannies
In this enclave like Galilee.

Every Eve desires an Adam
As vice versa Adam desires Eve
To create a clan.

Without her yearning and yielding to man’s
Planting peas in her hot pot and pan
World would have no churches and clans,
Let’s honestly shower respect on deserving respectable Eves,
They are the engine rooms of world clans.

(Published by the defunct National Concord Newspaper, on 12th February 2001)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures of my friends and some critical acclaim for my book titled Dynamic Verses

Acclaim for Dynamic Verses

"Dynamic Verses is replete with webs that convey the matrixes of our socio-political and religious milieu…The joy of reading Dynamic Verses thus lies in its appeal to the world of the informed and the average…Adje has demonstrated in Dynamic Verses that he is a balanced chronicler of the tales of our existence and the proud praise singer of our morality."

---Sola Ogunbayo

Daily Times Newspaper


"…Your material is of high standard."

---Angelina Anton

Editorial Director

Minerva Press

London. (1998)

"…The poet has good comment or imaginative writing. The poems have their air of independence. This makes the satire more pronounced."

--Justin Akpovi-Esade

Arts Desk

The Guardian Newspaper

Lagos. (2001)

"The material… is interesting."

--Arthur Thorndyke

Chief Editor

Minerva Press

London. (1998)

"The quality of your work…I wish you every success in your endeavours."

--Mauro Rosi

Editorial and Rights Division

UNESCO Publishing

Paris. (1998)

"Wow! That brought a tear to my eye! You have a way with words…"

---Tammy Cooper

Los Angeles


"Blessed Mudiaga Adje’s Dynamic Verses runs along the well-beaten path of social commentary, except for the religious dimension he introduces into the discourse. Adje’s vision is multifarious--- it is a moral…Sometimes political and perhaps utopian vision."

---Rotimi Fasan

BusinessDay Newspaper


"…It is very good…A wonderful writer…It is still beautiful poetry."

---Krista Marie Sweet

Customer Relations Consultant

Cincinnatti, Ohio