Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poem for late Chief Gani Fawehinmi


Oh somebody, somebody come rescue me

From these ocean of praises,

For I never knew they will overdose me,

Overdose and overdose me with praises

After my tongue can no longer lick…

Even saints who wanted me dead before now

Are singing eulogies cracking my casket,

Somebody save my ears from these eulogies

Eulogies meant for the marines…

But I am not surprised all this while

As it is the average elitist Nigerian style,

Celebrating their heroes

Only when they are gone

Sycophants gather to shoot honours gun…

Saints are shooting

Evil geniuses are hooting

Even as demons are dancing

Cladded in a cacophony of praises.

Did they and do they really like me?

What a people pouring billions on the dead

Than spend a dime to save a starving head!

I can now capture vividly why Mudiaga chooses

To sing some heroes still walking with shoes

For all their goodness to humanity,

Though I wasn’t a recipient of his eulogies

That had earned him a tag of “praise singer”

From a sycophantic bunch of “dead praisers.”

Better a praise singer of the living good

Than a multitude “praisers” of my speechless wood.

Yet, I know my people and my people know me

For in spirit we shall keep on the struggle

In living pens and voices I will continuously rumble.

I Gani, Senior Advocate of the Masses has spoken

In the voice of this pen, healing hearts broken…

(Written 08/09/09 and published by Nigerian Compass and Independent newspapers September 14, 2009 )

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