Monday, June 7, 2010

A poetic reflection on Nigeria's march towards 50 years of independence. And my Canadian friend's picture to feed your faculties.

As We Sail Towards Jubilee
When I was a baby boy
Playing with a toy
Silky songs they fed us with
Though there were little cheats

Silky songs
O silky songs
Silky songs with something to eat
Silky songs with butter and wheat

When I was a little lad
Milking with some cards
Things were not that bad
As we rolled some willing wads

Silky songs
O silky songs
Silky songs were silky stewed
Silky songs we meaty chewed

Now I am a man all over town
Everywhere is painted with frowns
As many things are going wrong
Hardship is biting very strong

Silky songs O silky songs
‘Kpuho-kpuho’ with silky songs
Silky songs O silky songs
Silky songs so strong and wrong

Their dirty games so saintly continue
Though we are so black and blue
With healing hope getting few and few
Masses flesh they chew anew

Silky songs O silky songs
Silky songs so wrong and strong

Where are we going
With these silky songs?
What are you doing
With their silky songs?

(Written May 31, 2010, and published by Compass Newspaper on June 6, 2010)

"...I really like the poem...this silky songs."
-Gabriel Y. Adebiyi
Author: Rhapsodies of a Corper.

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