Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upcoming Nigeria's 2011 election brouhaha

2011 “Jegaism”
(Dedicated to Chief Pa Anthony Enahoro)
Screening eyes of this wind
With mirrors of my mind,
Combing throbs of oceans heart
As things have been falling apart
In womb of the giant’s room,
Cresting fifty drums of doom…

I have been bombing birds of paradise
With tongue, that masses milk may arise
On iron streets of invisible hope,
Strangled with Sodom and Gomorrah’s rope,
Oh! Behold, behold like thunder!
From rumbling bowels of sky,
Will this acclaimed Nemesis of wonder,
Plunder evil geniuses sucking our blood dry?

Written on 29 August 2010, by:
Blessed Mudiaga Adjekpagbon
“Great lines, evocative. I like the rhymes…”
---Okiri Christopher Raphael
Writer/Social Commentator.

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