Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nightmares in Paradise

UK: 4:80 Pound Sterling
Canada: $9.50 Canadian Dollar
U.S.A: $6.99
Nigeria: N1000.00

Appraisals of some poems in this volume Nightmares in Paradise

“A paradise is a paradise, a perfect place. Perfection needs no other qualification because it is the ideal, the unattainable. If this paradise is ‘giant,’ then it has a flaw and ceases to be paradise.”
---Dr. Patrick Oloko, 
 English Department, University of Lagos.

Unreliable paradise “When poets turn historians, they knit this wonderful one, and raise old wounds asking for justice that has never been given in the history of mankind.”
---Kola Bola, Poet/Sub-Editor, 
 Newswatch Newspaper, Lagos, Nigeria.

 The ocean weeps “This poem is good... I really love the energy in the title...”
---Dr. Joseph Ushie, Department of English, University of Calabar, 
 Cross River State, Nigeria.

Wiser than the Oracle “Excellent piece.”
---Christy Anyanji, Consultant-Editor, Lagos.

 Obama’s bones to bones “Blessed you are good, so good that making rhymes is nothing to you.”
---Amaka Emeka, Media House, Ghana.

 Who wins the prize? “I love the rhythmic flow of this poem. It could be sung. It is didactic, even as it carries some elements of humour.”
---Richard Inya, Abuja FCT.

Life is a woman “Great thoughts are embodied in this poem...”
---Dr. Patrick Oloko, English Department, University of Lagos.

The ocean weeps “…You write like a spirit whose thoughts travel with the speed of light and can only be understood by committed minds.”
---Fidelis Ejimofor Enwemeka, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Prophecies of the caring angels “Originality meets creativity.”
---Samuel Baki, Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue.

On the prowl “Beautiful!”
---Ufoegbune Gideon Chukuma, University of Agriculture, 
 Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Mega city, mega rubbish “Mega city without a mega plan to achieve it may ring no London out of Lagos...that, every man knows...thumbs for this yet another wonderful poetic observation.”
---Kola Bola, Poet/Sub-Editor, Newswatch Newspaper.

Mega city, mega rubbish “Un-put-down-able piece with beautiful rhymes.”
---Fidelis Ejimofor Enwemeka, Lagos.

Valentine’s prophecies “I am in love with this poem.”
---Funmilayo Jolaoso, Surulere, Lagos.

Valentine’s prophecies “I love this poem, generally, especially for the conflation of love emotions with aspects of language - adjectives, nouns, adverbs – which are the usual messengers between persons entangled in the delicate matters of love. Here, these otherwise indifferent parts of speech become infused with the business of love on a Valentine's Day. In other words, they become the ultimate victims or beneficiaries in this business between/among human hearts. In this respect, I consider this poem to hold great promise for its technique of reinvigorating what should be banal with this shifting of the 'battle'/burden to parts of speech.”
---Dr. Joseph Ushie, Department of English, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

From your sexy guy “...Love mesmerizes...”
---Macpherson Okpara, Department of English, School of Languages, Ebonyi State College of Education, Nigeria.

From your sexy guy “So it is true that love knows no bound, now l know... thumbs for this nice effort...”
---Kola Bola, Poet/Sub-Editor, Newswatch Newspaper.

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