Monday, November 10, 2008

Excerpts from Murdered in Buckingham Palace poetry anthology

The eternal Sun
Truth is the sun rise
Making Night shine alive,
He bitterly arrives
Bravely to fight and fry
Darkness of lies
And blanket of evil flies
In any black sky
He paints the world white
With his beautiful light
Everyday and night,
He is always right
In his fearless fights.

As New Year yells
The people you meet today
Make your tomorrow
By uprooting ailing actions of yesterday
Weed away every seed of sorrow…
Plant light on darkness face
For fellows to follow
Any time, any place, any race
Your deeds should be diamonds to borrow
So your name shall conjure joyful tears
As time travel the track of yelling years…

The King’s visa
(Dedicated to Late Michael Susuluwa)
At the twilight of a sinking sun,
Some wise men planted their eyes on
A new king born
In a territory tipsy with thorns,

They returned home, filled with fun
Leaving Herod foolish and forlorn:
But after the king has grown and gone,
Lucifer and his subjects are still on the run
Until judgement day will gun:
Oh what a wailing on the day!
All our sweet stories we will say
When it would have been too dead to pray
To avoid the fiery furnace way
Be building your saving grace today.

Cycling circles
The world is circle,
Mother of great circles;
Rain drops and dries in cycle
Folks wander in circles
I wonder in cycles
Riding thoughts cycles,
Why there are poverty circles
In world full of food circles
Some are in rich circles
Others die in hunger circles
We are born in cycle
And die in cycle
Like rain cycle
We cycle in circles,
What an endless cycle!
We go round in circles,
Is God a circle?

Oh mothers! Don’t drown death
For your daughter’s death
Though I know why you cry,
She is your universal daughter
Helping to bind, boil and fry
Weeping clothes every day on earth,

Never mind, tomorrow she will smile again
And shall surely die again…
How many rains will you cry,
When she reincarnates and dies again?

Tread your thrilling tears
And pocket your beautiful fears
For endlessly she lives and dies
Again and again, with her seductive smiles…

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