Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exerpts from the "Love Poems" section in my soon to be released book (Murdered in Buckingham Palace and other poems)

Be grateful to your mother
(Dedicated to my late mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Obamrese Adjekpagbon)
What can I wish without you oh mother?
Mother! Thanks mother
There was no manoeuvre of murder
In your beautiful hut
I stayed and ate from your pot.
Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
Oh mother! Mother!! Mother!!!
You rented no pills
To cajole, delude and kill
My swim in your stream
I bathed, slept and woke
Like a fish so clean.

My strolls in your stream
I wished would never end,
Inevitably you lay and bent
Legs ajar and I fell like a fruit
From the spree in your hut
While singing songs of joy
To receive great toys
Of this weeping wilderness
Full of troubles and toils
Of diverse kaleidoscope I could have missed
Had pills spilled into your hut
Thank you mother!There was no murder!

(Dedicated to any lady who truly loves me)
Each time
I see you beaming like a sallying sun
Gives me comely come
Each time
I drink tickles of your voice
Sets me afire, nestling on your milky-hill toys
Swimming my heart with rivers of joy
Each time
Anointed by your thermal triangle
Gives rebirth to formerly lost electric tentacles
Each time
Robed in your smiling sly
I never want to say good-bye
Each time
Recounting how I deftly dine
Crevices of your warm wet wine
I know angels will never decline
Each time every time
You will always be mine
You will always be mine
Till we earthward recline.

The gentle man
He was a world known gentle man
Tenderly touching flowers of Eden’s town…
Sitting nakedly quiet beside a woman
He voraciously consumed apples
Instead of sucking nectar of joy from the nipples…
A gentle man!A gentle man!
A gentle, gentleman he was in this rolling town.
Can you be that gentle in this present span?

Fingers of fire
Let the silky sun of love
Always burning from the grooves of my soul
Dry off all stones of sorrow
From your life long whole,
And ever milk joy your bubbling bulbs…
Let my fingers fire milky moans
From rivers of your soul
As long as music is the food of love
I will ever fill you thrilling tons
Like a wailing piano…

Tendrils, tendrils, multiple tendrils of love
Always twine me around
From your cascading caresses abound
On your tarmac of love
My plane shall danger-freely ever land.

Let me kiss you again and again
Draining away all sorrows rain
Fledging flood of pain,
Tenderly arresting you hot and tight
Never minding whether you are black or white
Flying you on love rhythm realm kite
Null and void of obstacles to the highest height
Let me cook you with fire of my tongue
Erupting silky gasps from depths of your lungs,
Let me burn you again and again
Planting seedling s in that lovely lane
Though the resultant prize be girl or boy
From waves to waves I shall dance with molecules of joy
Ceaselessly cooking you the milky oil
Till sun and moon may stop their toil.

Valentine bells
Love seasonlessly walks and wax
But has a climax
As we climax,
Love’s light
Washes world white
And burrows and breaks irons
Of darkness when NEPA’s light
Is speechless like dead lions,
Love makes rivers run
To overflow and kiss land,
Also bubbling beaches hands
To leap and lay on land,
Love emboldens bats and rats
To bury fear and eat with cats,
Love is the wine
Intoxicating puppies to roll
Upon one another souls,
Likewise let’s roll and roll
From climax to climax
This hour of love’s climax
With blues of condoms holy mass
And bury hatred and AIDS carcass.

Dead to tears
In the cycling molecules of my mind
Till fate’s fingers got us bind
I filter whether I have crossed your kind
Woven with the airs I find
In the cycling molecules of your mind
Hoping you won’t stab me behind
So our travel be indivisible as wind
Though the creator captures us from mankind
Let this journey like sun and sky be bind
From years to years
In the cycling molecules of our mind
Dead to tears…

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