Thursday, October 9, 2008

The front and back cover of my book Dynamic Verses.

Exerpts from some critical acclaim for "Dynamic Verses." “Dynamic Verses is replete with webs that convey the matrixes of our socio-political and religious milieu…The joy of reading Dynamic Verses thus lies in it appeal to the world of the informed and the average…Adje has demonstrated in Dynamic Verses that he is a balanced chronicler of the tales of our existence and the proud praise singer of our morality.”
---Sola Ogunbayo
Daily Times Newspaper
Lagos. (2001).

“…Your material is of high standard.”
---Angelina Anton
Editorial Director
Minerva Press
London. (1998)

“…The poet has good comment or imaginative writing. The poems have their air of independence. This makes the satire more pronounced.”
---Justin Akpovi-Esade
Arts Desk
The Guardian Newspaper
Lagos. (2001).

“The material… is interesting.”
---Arthur Thorndyke
Chief Editor
Minerva Press
London. (1998).

“The quality of your work…I wish you every success in your endeavours.”
---Mauro Rosi
Editorial and Rights Division
UNESCO Publishing
Paris. (1998).

“Wow! That brought a tear to my eye! You have a way with words…”
---Tammy Cooper
Los Angeles

“Blessed Mudiaga Adje’s Dynamic Verses runs along the well-beaten path of social commentary, except for the religious dimension he introduces into the discourse. Adje’s vision is multifarious--- it is a moral…Sometimes political and perhaps utopian vision.”
---Rotimi Fasan
BusinessDay Newspaper

“…It is very good…A wonderful writer…It is still beautiful poetry.”
---Krista Marie Sweet
Customer Relations Consultant
Cincinnatti, Ohio

“Your books are fine”
---Dr. Steven Oru
National Technical Education Board
Abuja, Nigeria.

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