Thursday, October 9, 2008

The front cover of the first ever Nigerian book, "Rhymes from the Nile," that received Aso Rock Presidential recognition under Ex-Pres Obasanjo's time

Some critical acclaim for "Rhymes from the Nile."

“…With Rhymes from the Nile, Adje has proffered an African solution to poems imported from Europe. It consists of the realities of children and will instill into them basic characters that will help them to build up as leaders… Adje has given the poems a rhythmic tone, thereby making it interesting and captivating.”
--- Biodun Yakub
Arts Desk
The Guardian Newspaper

“…Rhymes from the Nile focuses on the values and morals expected of the young and old people alike in a society like ours, Nigeria, vis-à-vis Africa and the world as a whole… The book also calls on parents and guardians to send their wards to school, and as well throw a challenge at teachers to teach well. For the Universal Basic Education (UBE)
programme to succeed, this book is an essential reading material for all concerned. It is surely a must read for all and sundry whether young or old, if our dreams for good leaders must come to reality.”
---Victor Bruce
Musician, tutor and writer
Author: “A Vase of Shrubs”

“…It is a great effort.”
---Major General Chris Alli (Rtd)
Former Chief of Army Staff and immediate past Interim Civilian Sole Administrator of Plateau State.

“The poems are good. What makes the book more standard are the objective and essay questions added after each of the poems. It is well packaged.”
---Frank Nicholas Ilogu
Director of News
Voice of Nigeria (VON)

“Like the story book, When the King cries and other stories… I find Rhymes from the Nile very tempting too. As soon as you finish reading the first poem, it has that tempting spirit that makes you eager to read the next poem till you read to the end of the book, because the poems are very interesting, educative and informative.”
---Flora Bernard Job
Former Director
Special Duties, Culture and Tourism
Rivers State Governor’s Office
Port Harcourt.

“…As Rhymes from the Nile received Aso Rock Presidential recognition for the printing of additional copies; it is proof that the book is an essential reading material for the promotion of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme of the government.”
--- Clifford Ejenavi
The Nigerian Education Times Magazine

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