Friday, October 10, 2008

In memory of Association of Nigerian Authors Silver Jubilee in 2006, Yenogoa Convention, Bayelsa State.


(Dedicated to Denja Abdulahi, for his statement about me during Bayelsa ANA Convention, 2006)

The scribe said I am quarrelsome

But I thank God I am not troublesome

Yet I am logically meddlesome

Any dust I raise any season

Is positively woven with mountains of moral reason

I will stir again and again the Hornet nest

If it will cataclysmically birth ANA's best

I will romance in countless molecules of joy

With only trees which never wholly pocket ANA's toys

I will spring like angels in trance

With those who pinch a little but gives ANA a chance

For I am almost drowned by the swan song

At every Convention accompanied with a gong

"ANA is totally broke"

But the dude in Canada is with ANA's goodies soaked

Oh! I will quarrel, I will quarrel, and quarrel

In likeness of a bout between a snake and a squirrel

With whomever executively put ANA's purse in melancholy

And sucks her blood to open doors to Canadian harmony

If anyone wants to be in/at peace with me
You must be honest and we shall never quarrelling be...

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